design lab

Mission statement

"To me converting ideas into products is a "metamorphosical" adventure from the common to the unexplored – a discovery through which I can define new functions and forms. Design can be used everywhere - from the modelling of children's toys to the cockpit of a lorry. In short – design is for me a cocktail of logic, aesthetics and art."

The design lab is where different parts are put together - rethought and reshaped - to concoct new products. The usual design development phases include: product and market research, analysis, sketching, 3D modeling, model prototyping, functional prototype, test, production. Pixstudio collaborates closely with the industries to develop innovative products so that they can remain competitive on the international market.

Commissioned work includes: Villeroy & Boch, BASF, Mothercare, Absolut Vodka, Webges, Conform Badmoebel. Here some images of Pixstudio’s work process: