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VELLO bike on Kickstarter!
27 Sep 2014

Please share our Kickstarter!

VELLO bike soft launch - Vienna Design Week 2014
22 Sep 2014
Unbenanntes Dokument


cordially invite you to the soft launch of VELLO bike, a newly developed folding bike.  

Monday, 29.09.2014 at 19:00 at Radlager, Operngasse 28, 1040 Vienna. Starting at 20:00 Music Selection by Patrick Rampelotto.

The VELLO launch party is part of the Vienna Design Week 2014. Meet the designer & the team and test the bike! We will talk about the development of the bike, the challenges and solutions that have led to the innovations. The bike will be displayed at Radlager from the 26th of September onwards. 

VELLO bike will be presented -

a high-performance, hand-made and light bike with special features.

The VELLO bike is an ideal companion for the city. Its innovative folding mechanism makes mixed-mode commuting easy.

The three models “Urbano”, “Speedster” and “Rocky” are made for various riding styles: the Urbano is our comfortable city bike, the Speedster is our racing bike version and Rocky, the allrounder, is built to master the jolts of rough terrains.

Designed with love in Vienna!

With its 8 speeds VELLO Urbano conquers the city. Choose from a variety of colors for the frame, saddle and grips. A front carrier can also be attached. 

VELLO Rocky is built with trekking and MTB bike components. Equipped with tires for responsive handling, 10 speeds, and straight handlebars, it defies any rough patches in the city.

The narrow high-pressure tires and drop racing handlebar allow for an aerodynamic riding position and minimal rolling resistance.
It has 10 speeds and is equipped with some of the best racing bike components.

Stay tuned! We will soon launch a Kickstarter campaign for VELLO.

THANKS to AWS Impulse for their support!

Please like our new Facebook page

Milano Salone 2014, One Design Week and the World Cup in Brasil
Tue, 24 Jun 2014
A lot of exciting things have been happening lately.
Today, at 7pm, is the opening of the Austrian design exhibition as part of the One Design Week. The exhibition can be visited throughout the week at the old turkish bath in Plovdiv. I will also be hosting a workshop VELLOmobile from 25-26 of June in which we will build bike add-ons, like bike kitchens, bike sofas and bike bars. There are still some limited places available. If you are interested in joining, please contact me.
I would be happy to see you there. 
Kick it! lamp in Brazil

The world is still in football fever. Our Kick it! lamp is celebrating football passion and culture at the traveling exhibition "El fútbol (también) es así" throughout Brazil, organised by The Instituto Cervantes. 
Electric scooter project update
The latest design prototype of the Lohner electric scooter is already drivable. It will soon be launched on the market! The scooter is electric and inspired by the very popular scooter from the '50s. The owner Andreas Lohner is the great-grandchild of the founder of the first electric car that was developed together with Ferdinand Porsche in the year 1898 - Lohner-Posche.
Milano 2014
Here you can see the VELLO bike presented at Milano Fuorisalone - Confession of Design at the Rotonda della BesanaVELLO BIKE is a high-performance urban bicycle.
We will post more about it soon.

5 Oct. 2013

Vienna Bike live at the technology center Aspern IQ. Open door
U2 Seestadt, Seestadstrasse 27, 1220 Vienna.

Vienna Design Week 2013
28 Sep. - 06 Oct. 2013

Lohner's presentation at the Vienna Design Week. Valentin Vodev was commissioned to design the new electric scooter L125 based on the classical LEA 125 from the '50s. See the work in progress and the first sketches of this new electric scooter. Lohner-werke is one of Austria’s cult brands as they built the luxury carriages for the Austrian emperor and developed the first hybrid electric car with Ferdinand Porsche at the turn of the century. Later the company also became known for building aircrafts, trams, and scooters. More than forty years later, the Lohner offspring is reviving the family business. Lohner is on its way to enter the market again with its newly designed electric scooter L125.

2013 - 2014

Valentin Vodev studio is developing a new type of 20’’ compact bike with the generous support of IMPULSE AWS XL. Stay tuned for the Vello, which is expected to be launched in 2014!

August 23, 2013

Die Presse Newspaper - “Self-employment: Escaping unemployment or a success story”. A study about self-employment in Austria.
read more

Collaboration with the Austrian Institute of Technology

Valentin Vodev studio is collaborating with the Austrian Institute of Technology for a research project in mobility design. The findings will be released early next year.

June 21 - 30, 2013

This year’s edition of the festival under the motto “The Balkan Date” welcomed upcoming local and international designers to celebrate the design in the Bulgarian capital. Valentin Vodev was one of the curators of the festival. He also curated the bike exhibition “More than a Bike” showing the virgin but upcoming bicycle design landscape in the city of Sofia.

June - October 2013

In the spotlight! 'Wind Power Light' is part of the exhibition at the MAK (Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna). The project was developed for the competition 'Cycling Affairs'.